About Us

We are Glam Soldier, a Boho Americana Boutique, specializing in Boho-inspired apparel and accessories, and ‘soldiered in’ vintage and upcycled americana collections. Our carefully hand-picked styles, in-house designs, and one-of-a-kind treasures are perfect for the fashion warriors who are not afraid of expressing their inner spirit, strength and individual style.


We offer a wide range of merchandise on our racks – the latest trends in jeans, jackets and coats (including our custom in-house designed jackets), tops, sweaters, dusters, boots, sandals and much more. We can safely claim our accessories are among the most unique and gorgeous you’ll find in any store. Guaranteed.


Glam Soldier hand-crafted designs made in our leather shop, include wristlets, wallets, and cozy beanies sporting genuine designer branded motifs, and sell totes made from upcycled military tents. We make jewelry from vintage designer branded buttons, and we’re getting well known for our one-of-a-kind gems in our estate jewelry collection. Our vintage treasures range from sterling silver jewelry, to military items, kimonos, coats and many other unique one of a kind pieces. 


Equal parts grace and grit, we are a veteran and women-owned business, and our team is as stylish, tough, unique, and durable as the products we sell - after all we opened in the middle of a global pandemic. If you want to be ‘the only one,’ stand out in the crowd, be showered with compliments, and still feel comfortable, then come join our Glam Soldier army.