We are a woman, veteran-owned Boho inspired boutique located in downtown Apex, NC. 

As you approach the entry way of our antebellum building, you may think you're in the wrong place but as soon as you crest the grand staircase you will be greeted by Glam Soldiers and know you've entered a special place of happiness.   

At first glance you'll see we are equal parts grace and grit, specializing in Boho inspired apparel accessories and "been soldiered in" vintage and military items. To some, things may be worn and weathered... but a Glam Solider knows they are treasures expressing our inner spirit of strength and resilience and making us feel as special as we are.

Yet above it all, we are here with open hearts to inspire you to Rise To Your Calling. So, please join us on our golden couch for a cup of tea or spend your afternoon hunting for a treasure in the vintage room... we can't wait to see you at the top of our grand staircase.

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