Discover Happiness in 25 Steps!

Discover Happiness in 25 Steps!

Discover Happiness in 25 Steps!
Glam Soldier, a Boho Boutique in North Carolina
Glam Soldier Boho Boutique

“Climb the staircase because happiness is waiting at the top,” says a client after a visit to Glam Soldier, a Boho-inspired boutique tucked above an antique store in Downtown Apex, North Carolina.  

It’s just 25 steps up from street level to this special place, where modern boho chic, militaria, vintage, and glam, join forces to create unique looks for every woman. A place where the Glam Soldier army is ready to serve, where a truly awesome and joyful shopping (or browsing) experience awaits.  

It’s not just about apparel, business, and sales at this veteran and women owned boutique, it’s about who we are and what we represent. And those kind words from a client have inspired us to declare our mission and values through creating a list of things that bring joy into our lives - The 25 Steps to HappinessWe’ll be exploring these wonderful steps right here on this blog - from the power of words, self-love, and faith to actionable ways we can find joy through thrifting, adventure, music or even water. 

From humble beginnings to thriving business!

Glam Soldier founder and CEO, Alisha Ramsey, is all about finding joy, whatever the circumstances. She’s an army veteran who knows how to weather tough situations and 2020 was her year to shine. While most of us were binge watching Netflix this enterprising self-starter not only created a new clothing and accessory brand but opened a brick-and-mortar boutique store – all in the middle of a pandemic.  

Alisha, a mom of a precious three-year-old girl, had to pivot quickly from her original plan of hosting a talk show from her backyard studio, to selling clothes and accessories on Facebook Live. It was a hit and Glam Soldier was born just a few months later.  

“We’re a mix of Dolly Parton and Fleetwood Mac,” Alisha jokes during a recent FB Live sale, wearing one of Glam Soldier’s signature t-shirts. “I passionately believe you don’t have to dress like your day job,” adds the former Army Captain, who did two tours in Iraq, and who’s long swapped her combat boots and fatigues for her trendy collection, inspired by boho chic and unique glammed up military pieces. Click here for more on our team. 

Rockstar Vibe!
Glam Soldier Custom Handbags

Ramsey’s focus is on style and comfort, with a little Rockstar vibe thrown in - like the Wings of Glory jacket in our private label collection. Our selection of modern boho styles also includes designer dusters, kimonos, jeans, and shorts, and linen, cotton, silk, and cashmere tops. As for accessories - how about a one-of-a-kind vintage silver ring, or a canvas and leather tote upcycled from military tents?  

Much of the merchandise at Glam Solider is handmade and handcrafted and everything is hand-picked by Ramsey and her team. It’s also unique. You won’t find a collection and brand like this anywhere. You can find a look you’ll love and be inspired. And if you want to explore simple ways to find joy, join us here for our new blog series - The 25 Steps to Happiness.  


Glam Solider's Power of Compliments

Coming soon is Step 1 – The Power of Compliments. A simple comment by a stranger, such as, “I love your top!” can transform our day, making us feel confident and happy. And when you feel good, you do good, amirite?  

One sure way to receive compliments is to dress in an outfit from Glam Soldier, where our style army is always ready to serve! Find us at: 114-C North Salem Street, Apex, NC 27502 (up those stairs of course!)   Online at: Or give us a call at: 919-267-6442.  You can also sometimes catch us at Triangle Pop-up events.

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  • Elizabeth Calwell: August 25, 2021
    Enjoyed the blog post. I will definitely make a trip to Apex to check it out. And I’ll spread the word. Love the “Happiness” theme we all need to work on that more.

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